Q.  What if my booking can not occur to due bad weather?

A.  If we are unable to provide the charter due to weather an alternate cruise date can be arranged or a full refund will be granted.   Bad weather may include high winds, heavy rain and choppy seas within Sydney Harbour.

Q.  How Many passengers and luggage (for water limousine purposes) can travel on board The Mon Chéri?

A.  Passengers only 4 Passengers and luggage 2.

Q.  What shoes should I wear?

A.  Where possible, please wear non marking flat soled comfortable shoes. Ladies and brides, we asked that high heeled shoes, be slipped off before embarking and whilst on the boat.

Q.  Is there a toilet on board?

A.  No there are no toilets onboard so please pay a visit before coming aboard.

Q.  What clothes should I wear?

A.  Dress to suit the weather conditions – but remain fabulous at all times!  The usual boating attire is recommended and remember that it’s always a little cooler and windier out on the water.  The Mon Chéri has a fully  enclosed soft top for windy and rainy weather (so brides to be – do not fear) – as a standard, the soft top will remain on during transfer of wedding parties.

Q.  Where can we cruise to and what sight can we see?

A.  The Mon Chéri  is licensed to cruise in all the enclosed waters of the Sydney Harbour and water ways of Pittwater.

Q.  Where can we be picked up and dropped off?

A.  The Mon Chéri  can pick up and drop off passengers at most commercial, private and public wharfs on Sydney Harbour and Pittwater.

Q.  Do you do Wedding transfers?
A.  Yes, see our Weddings and Special Occasion pages for further details.

Q.  Do you hire the boat for photo shoots and other production purposes?
A.  Yes, please contact us for further enquires. 

Q.  Do you serve food and beverages on board?

A.  Some cruises booked include a Picnic Hamper. You are more than welcome to bring food and drinks.

Q.  What sort of boat is it?

A.  Please refer to ‘About’ Page

Q.  Are there towels on board?

A.  Yes, we always keep fresh towels onboard in case you get wet from spray and splashes.

Q. Will we get wet?

A.  The Mon Chéri  is a low slung open top fairweather boat with a fully enclosed canopy.  In choppy or windy conditions, you may experience spray and splashes coming into the boat. Your skipper is trained to minimize this.

Q.  Can we pull up to a beach?

A.  Yes some beaches but not all.  If we cannot access a beach and there is a wharf or jetty near by we can let you off there.

Q.  Are there life jackets on board?

A.  Yes. There are enough lifejackets fro all passengers. If you feel more comfortable wearing one whilst on board then just ask your skipper and he will supply you with one. Please advise us beforehand if you will be bringing children on board so that we can accomodate them as well.

Q.  How early should I arrive to my booking?

A.  Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your booking time to ensure you get your full experience.

Q.  How do I book or who do I call if I have any questions?

A.  Please email us at bookings@monchericharters.com 

Q.  How can I pay?

A.  All tourist cruises, weddings and special occasion, water taxi/limousine bookings can either Direct Transfer the funds or pay via Credit Card, please keep in mind Credit Cards occur a 2%fee.